Request an Offer

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BCF Minerals has decades of experience helping families obtain the best options for mineral rights in Oklahoma and beyond. Whether you are looking for lease options or want to sell your mineral rights to the highest bidder, we are sure to have an opportunity that meets your unique needs. All it takes to get started is an offer request, and we will get to work immediately to find the best mineral rights deals.

What Should I Expect When Selling my Oklahoma Mineral Rights?

BCF Minerals understands that choosing to sell your minerals isn't a decision to take lightly. Our goal is to help you decide what is best for your family and your future generations. At BCF Minerals, you will have a dedicated representative who will guide you through the entire process, from the initial phone call to the exchange of a check. We have worked hard to make selling your Oklahoma mineral rights as straightforward and efficient as possible!

We'll Define Your Goals Together

BCF Minerals' offer request process starts with discussing your financial goals when selling your mineral rights. This information is critical for helping us determine the best deal. We can also review your mineral portfolio during this phase to determine what should be sold now and what should be retained to build future value if requested.

We'll Evaluate Your Mineral Portfolio

Once you agree to sell the discussed minerals, we will evaluate them to determine the best offer price for the market. After this appraisal is completed, you will be sent the documents to review with your family, financial advisors, or attorneys to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible and are comfortable with the exchange.

We'll Review and Verify Your Title

If the offer is approved, BCF Minerals will review your title and resolve any curative issues that may be required. Each of our title services is completed in-house to limit the costs you will have to undertake. Often, this process can be finalized in as little as two weeks to ensure you get your payment as soon as possible; however, this is contingent on the outcome of your title review, and specific issues may extend the process.

We'll Send Your Payment

At closing time, we will send a deed that must be signed and notarized. Following the submission of this document, we can send your agreed-upon payment via wire or check; however, this doesn't mean that our relationship has to end. Any time you need the assistance of BCF Minerals, we are only a phone call or email away.