Whether you are an existing property owner or purchasing a new plot of land, you probably have many questions about what minerals are found on your tract of land and who is entitled to them. Determining who owns the mineral rights to the land that you purchase is rarely straightforward, and the previous owner could have already sold them away.

The next logical question you might have is, “Do mineral rights expire?”

Mineral Rights and Land Ownership

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In many cases, any property you own will also come with the mineral rights associated with it. In some instances, however, mineral rights and surface rights may be withheld when the land is sold as a “split estate.” This most notably occurs when a plot of land is purchased, but the original owner retains the ownership of mineral rights so that they can still operate a well on your newly purchased property.

Some states have adopted a defined period of inactive mineral rights ownership, leading to the expiration of mineral rights. Under this clause, mineral rights ownership will revert to the current landowner; however, this process could take up to two decades before the expiration is granted. For this reason, it may be beneficial to research mineral rights for a tract of land before purchasing it if that is something you are interested in pursuing.

Mineral Rights Reservations

Some areas in the country have designated reservations of special mineral rights to help encourage the preservation of the earth. While this is rare, large companies selling mineral rights might transfer the land ownership to a new group, simultaneously setting aside a portion of it for federal reservation. When this occurs, the mineral rights will never expire as long as the contract used outlines the details of the reserve.

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Ready to Explore Your Mineral Rights Options?

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