Oil pump in the countryside of Oklahoma

How Much Are Oklahoma Mineral Rights Worth?

In the United States, laws are in place to allow the private purchase and ownership of land. With this ownership, the inhabitant can develop or exploit the land in any way they see appropriate as long as the activities do not violate the law. The good news is that this also includes the natural resources…

Handshaking after the done deal

Do Mineral Rights Expire?

Whether you are an existing property owner or purchasing a new plot of land, you probably have many questions about what minerals are found on your tract of land and who is entitled to them. Determining who owns the mineral rights to the land that you purchase is rarely straightforward, and the previous owner could…

Miner supervisor inspecting and checking JSA risk assessment paper work permit

What Are Mineral Rights?

If you were to open your mailbox and find a letter from a mining company that wanted to purchase mineral rights on your property, what would your reaction be? While it may seem great to take the money offered from the first company, that might not always be the best option. In fact, you might…